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Hans L. Bodlaender

Photo of Hans Bodlaender

I work four days per week at the Department of Computer Science, Utrecht University, as head of the Algorithms and Complexity group, and one day per week (Monday) at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, in the group of Mark de Berg.

My webpage at the TU Eindhoven.

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Master programme



Research Interests

My main area of research is algorithms, in particular, algorithms for problems on graphs and networks and other combinatorial problems. Important themes are:


My religious beliefs.


My hobbies include: origami, chess, chess variants, long distance hiking, running, board games.

In the past, I made a few webpages on hobbies of me. These are now often outdated (and sometimes not, but maintained by other people).

Other hobbies are long distance hiking, running, chess, board games.

Ancient: Texts or programs I wrote long ago