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  • Mancala games. With several links.
  • Lines of Action. Abstract strategic board game; rules, variants, link.
  • Wims Wonder. Freeware game for very young children, made by my brother as a birthday present for my son Wim, many, many years ago. Press a key, and something happens.
  • External links

    Games (mostly) without a computer

  • The Chess Variant Pages.
  • Victor Allis' publications. Including solution to the game `Connect-Four'.
  • The Museum and Achive of Games. In Waterloo, Canada, there is a Museum of Games, and they have a website.
  • Card Games.
  • World Game Review.
  • Cezanne's painting of The card players and another nice Cezanne painting of card players.
  • Ducosim. Dutch gaming organisation.
  • The Game Cabinet. Rules for several games.
  • Steve Jackson Games.
  • Blackwater Station. Devoted to 18xx-games (railway board games).
  • Spiel des Jahres. Site with jury reports of the yearly German `best game' awards.
  • Pirateer. Home page of board game on pirates.
  • Conquest®. Home page of strategic board game.
  • Boardgames: The Mining Company. Well-designed index to information on boardgames on the net.
  • SQUARES: The Civil War Battle Game. Board game: rules, how to make your own sets or how to order them.
  • The Online Guide to Traditional Games.

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