Folding the crane I: To the Preliminary Fold

Start with a square piece of paper. In my photo's, one side of the paper is has gold color, the other side has silver color.

First, fold the paper in two, vertically. Then, undo your fold.

Next, fold your paper in two, horizontally.

Again, undo your fold. You have a square piece of paper, folded twice. Put the paper upside down, and now fold the paper diagonally.

Undo your fold, and then fold the paper diagonally in the other direction.

Again, undo your fold, put the paper upside down, and fold the paper again horizontally, with the fold you made in an earlier step.

Now, the next step may seem when you do not know it somewhat difficult, but once you understand what happens, it is really easy!

Put your finger inside.

Push the fold up, and move it to the left. We get a triangular flap, and we move it to the right. Everything we do in this step uses the folds we made in the earlier steps!

We get left and right from the top-bottom line two flaps at the front side, and there are the same types of flaps to the lower side.

The end looks like a square from the top.

Side few. Note how the four flaps look like.

We finished the preliminary fold.

Now, let go on, and turn this preliminary fold into a bird base.

From preliminary fold to bird base.

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