A bibtex file of references on graph algorithms

Hans Bodlaender and some of his co-authors have built a large bibtex file with many references, mainly on graph algorithms. In particular, the bibtex-file contains papers, related to the following topics and related topics: If you want, you can: Recently, the file has two parts: Via this webpage, you can download recent (but possibly not the most recent) versions; (click the right mouse button to download the file.) You can also participate in the maintenance and always get the last version if you:

Some history

Many years ago, I started to make a bibtex file, where I put papers I was referencing in papers, and papers that I thought to be interesting. After a while, a simple system was chosen to have the papers in some type of alphabetical order, and a simple system was used for giving each paper a more or less well defined name. September 2005, I put this file on this webpage, and start to use the svn system for version maintenance.

Naming of the keys

The key is formed as follows:
  1. First the last name of the first author in full
  2. Then for each other author the first letter of its last name
  3. Then the last two digits of the year of publication
  4. In case there are more papers with the same key, then make the second and further distinct by adding an "a", "b", etc.
  5. There is one exception (see RobertsonS1 etc.)
So, the famous book on NP-completeness of Garey and Johnson from 1979 would get the key GareyJ79. In case Garey and Johnson would have written a paper in 1979 that would also be added to the file, then that paper would get key GareyJ79a.

The Graph Minors papers of Robertson and Seymour get different keys: they are numbered not for their year but get the number from the series (this is just easier to remember.)

Ordering of the keys

The following rules are used to sort the papers:
  1. Papers are first sorted with respect to the last name of the first author
  2. Then, the year of appearance is used
  3. And then (but the file doesn't follow the rule always), use the rest of the key (names of other authors, year)
  4. At the end of the file, there are references without list of authors (e.g., websites)
  5. In comments (with %), guidelines for alphabetical ordening and searching are given


When adding to the file, please respect the system. Also: Please note that many important papers will be missing in the file. The selection of papers in this file is not a measure for importance or relevance of the specific papers. If you want some papers included, you can either participate using svn, or email the references in the format described above to Hans Bodlaender.
Hans Bodlaender,

Webpage made: September 12, 2005. Last modified: April 6, 2010.