Page 3
Yellowbolt kite?: H7 Wildebeast: H9 Croc: H11
What a bluff, I hope: H23
Elephant (bluffing teenager): H20 North gate of Moremi: H30
Waterbuck: H32 Chobe NP-the marsh: H33 Mud bathing elephants in Cobe: I3
Elephant with five legs?: I5 Elephant in Chobe: I14
In the way...: I9
Lioness, now where are those cubs they promised?: I16 Hyena!: I18 Couldn't resist another sunset....: I21
African wild cat: I29 Bateared foxes: I32 Ostriches in Chobe: I35
Wild dogs! The most endangered predator of Africa!: J2 Beautiful Wild Dog: J5 Hunting together?: J7
Baobab, the mad bee's tree?: J11
Look at those teeth!: J9 Breakingup camp in Chobe NP: J13
Nobody on the toilet...: J14 The toilet: J15
The Bushdouche: J12
Camp in Chope NP: J16 A lot of Giraffes: J20 Rare Sable antilopes: J25
Little Dombo: J32
A lot of elephants in Chobe: J26 Little Dombo with Big Brother: J33
Lunch in camp No 10 in Chobe NP: J36
Family elephant: J34 Big buffalo, glad I'm in the truck!: K4
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