Birthdate: Dec 1, 1964 in Utrecht (now you know this feel free to drop me an E mail for my birthday!). Went through primary school and highschool pretty much the normal way... Finished Chemistry (major in Biochemistry) at the Utrecht University on July 26, 1989, and went on to do my PhD (graduated May 18, 1994) in the department Biochemistry of Membranes of Prof. Ben de Kruijff. Afterwards I did a Post-Doc at the AB-DLO in Wageningen (now integrated in Plant Research International).
Currently I'm a UD (sort of assistant Professor) back in the department Biochemistry of Membranes of the CBLE (Center of Biomembranes and Lipid Enzymology).
I've done research in the lab of Prof. J. Seelig at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel in the Department of Biophysical Chemistry doing ITC. And in the lab of Prof A. Watts, Biomembrane Structure Unit of the Biochemistry department of the Oxford University doing MAS-NMR.
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