Michiel van den Broeke
Polar Meteorology, Utrecht University


In Publications see a new study led by colleague Larry Smith in which the fate of the meltwater on the Greenland ice sheet is investigated. This study featured on the cover of the December 2017 issue of PNAS and a cool picture story in the New York Times!

In Publications see an important study led by colleague Luke Trusel from WHOI in which he models the future of Antarctic ice shelves in relation to warming scenarios. This study featured on the cover of the December 2015 issue of Nature Geoscience!

Also in Publications see another exciting study led by colleague Stephen Cornford from BAS in which he models Antarctic ice sheet retreat.

Watch the largest iceberg calving event caught on tape thus far: Jacobshavn Isbrae, west Greenland. Footage is part of a recently released documentary film on the world's disappearing ice.


This page provides some links to media exposure generated by our research or that of our colleagues. Only links with free archive access are included, which explains why some media are better represented than others. These links mainly focus on media in the Netherlands, so most of them are in Dutch. This is just a small selection, please download my full CV for a full list.

Media coverage

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In April 2017, I was interviewed about our paper on tipping ponts in the melting of Greenland peripheral ice caps Radio 1 (in Dutch).

For more 2017 media coverage, please download my full CV here.

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In August 2016, I was interviewed about the finding of meltwater lakes in East Antarctica on Radio 1 (in Dutch).

For more 2016 media coverage, please download my full CV here.

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The newspaper De Volkrant interviewed me on the Nature paper in which we determine how Greenland lost mass during the 20th century (in Dutch).

For more 2015 media coverage, please download my full CV here.

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In December 2014, Martijn van Calmthout interviewed me and colleague professor Haquebord on polar research in Radio 5 De Kennis van Nu (in Dutch).

For more 2014 media coverage, please download my full CV here.

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In March 2013, our study on mass loss of Canadian Arctic Archipelago glaciers with first author Jan Lenaerts was published. The press release was picked up by De Volkskrant (in Dutch), Reuters and subsequently covered by e.g. the BBC and New Scientist. An interesting viewpoint was provided by Mining.com.

In March 2013, De Volkskrant (in Dutch) covered a UCLA report on the opening of shipping lanes in the Arctic Ocean.

In January 2013, the Dirck Gerritsz lab facility at Rothera base was officially opened. The event was covered by e.g. NOS Radio 1 (in Dutch).

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In December 2012, De Volkskrant covered the results of a study by David Bromwich and colleagues, in which they reconstruct the climate record of Byrd station in West Antarctica (in Dutch).

2012 saw another record mass loss for the ice sheet and glaciers in Greenland. The first results were published in the scientific journal The Cryosphere in December 2012. It was covered by e.g. Wetenschap24.nl (in Dutch).

In November 2012, De Volkskrant covered the results of a study by Joel Harper and colleagues, in which they estimate the refreezing capacity of the Greenland ice sheet (in Dutch).

On 30 November 2012 the journal Science published the IMBIE paper (Ice sheet Mass Balance Intercomparison Experiment). It was covered by e.g. CNN, the BBC, De Volkskrant, BNR and Trouw (latter three in Dutch). Also listen to the interview on NOS Radio 1 (in Dutch). The paper was accompanied by a News and Views article by Richard Kerr.

In October 2012, our study on freshwater fluxes from Greenland with first author Jonathan Bamber was published. It was covered by e.g. De Volkskrant and Radio 1 (both in Dutch).

In September 2012, together with four colleagues of the Science Faculty we were interviewed about societal issues by De Volkskrant (in Dutch).

In August and September 2012, a lot of media attention went to the new record minimum Arctic sea ice extent, see e.g. this newspaper articles in De Volkskrant, or listen to this radio interview on BNR (both in Dutch).

In July 2012, satellites picked up a strong melt signal from the Greenland ice sheet, as covered e.g. by De Volkskrant.

In April 2012, our article in Nature, with first author Hamish Pritchard, received attention from De Volkskrant, Trouw and NOS Journaal (all in Dutch).

In February 2012, Russia penetrated Lake Voastok, ANtarctica's largest subglacial lake. I commented on NOS Radio 1 (in Dutch).

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In september 2011, we published our paper on Eemian melt of the Greenland ice sheet in Nature Geoscience. It was picked up by amongst others De Volkskrant. The article was accompanied by a nice News and Views commentary by Andrey Ganopolski and Alexander Robinson.

In January 2011, the BBC asked me to comment on the paper by Aud Sundal and Andy Shepherd on the sliding of land-terminating Greenland glaciers in Nature.

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In November 2009, Reuters paid attention to the fate of the iceberg that broke off Wilkins ice shelf, with on it one of our ARGOS transmitting GPS receivers, planted there in January of the same year (see below).

Also in November 2009, we published our paper on the mass budget of the Greenland ice sheet in Science. It received attention from e.g. Der Spiegel Online, Trouw (in Dutch), the BBC, De Volkskrant (in Dutch), Reuters, Wetenschap24 (in Dutch) and NOS Radio 1 (in Dutch). On 13 November 2009, the newspaper Trouw Science opened with our study and spent several pages on the results (in Dutch).

In September 2009, Noorderlicht Radio interviewed me about my recent inauguration of professor of Polar Meteorology at Utrecht University.

In January 2009, together with Wim Boot I visited Rothera base (UK) in the Antarctic Peninsula to install two weather stations on Larsen C ice shelf. Our work was covered by Reuters. One week later, Willem Alexander and Maxima visited Rothera, and NOS Radio 1 asked me to comment on the local conditions faced by the royal couple.

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During the International Polar Year (2007-2009) Wetenschap24 summarized the glaciological research that was carried out by the Netherlands.

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In November 2005, Wetenschap24 covered the results of the European Project for Ice Coring In Antarctica (EPICA). In 2007, this project received the Descartes Prize for Transnational Collaborative Research of the European Union.

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In September 2004 I commented in Trouw (in Dutch) on a paper published in Geophysical Research Letters, in which the authors quantified the recent acceleration of Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers in West Antarctica.

In June 2004, the landmark European Project for Ice Coring In Antarctica (EPICA) paper on the first results of the EPICA Dome C core was published in Nature. This was covered by amongst others De Volkskrant and Wetenschap24 (both in Dutch).

In March 2004, we contributed to the exposition Extreem! Overleven op Antarctica in Teylers Museum, Haarlem. A newspaper article was published in De Volkskrant.