Material on the ESSLLI-2010 course

"Ten problems of deontic logic and normative
reasoning in computer science"

Jan Broersen
Leon van der Torre

Course reader

Slides Day 1, problem 1: Norms versus obligations, and reconstructing deontic logic as iterative detachment
Slides Day 1, problem 2: Contrary to duty reasoning 
Slides Day 2, problem 3: Norm Change (see slides first day)
Slides Day 2, problem 4: Temporal Deontic Reasoning
Slides Day 3, problem 5: Permissions (see slides first day)
Slides Day 3, problem 6: Deontic Action Reasoning
Slides Day 4, problem 7: Counts-as conditionals and intermediate concepts (see slides first day)
Slides Day 4, problem 8: Deontic reasoning in game settings
Slides Day 5, problem 9: Norm compliance (slides courtesy of Guido Governatori)
Slides Day 5, problem 10: Interactions of deontic modalities and intentions, beliefs, etc.