The AAMAS-2013 Workshop on
Cognitive Agents for Virtual Environments

May 7, 2013, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA



Call for Papers

Accepted Papers

Workshop Program

Instructions for Authors


Accepted Papers

1.     Improving Map Generation in Large-Scale Environments for Intelligent Virtual Agents.

Kat Samperi, Nick Hawes and Russell Beale

2.     Positioning Characters Using Forces

Christine Talbot and G. Michael Youngblood

3.     Online Learning for Multi-Agent Local Navigation

Julio Godoy, Ioannis Karamouzas, Stephen J. Guy and Maria Gini

4.     A Human-Agent Teamwork Communication Model (HAT-COM) for Collaborative Activity in Virtual Learning Environments      

Nader Hanna and Deborah Richards

5.     Designing Smart Interventions to Assist People with a Diagnosis of Autism to Manage Stressful Situations

Martin Beer, Lyuba Alboul, Jill Aylott, Jonsthon Evans and James Wyatt

6.     Using Social Institutions to Guide Virtual Agent Behaviour

Jeehang Lee, Tingting Li, Marina De Vos and Julian Padget

7.     Comparing Programming in POSH and GOAL

Rien Korstanje, Jakub Gemrot, Cyril Brom and Koen Hindriks