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Accepted Papers

  • Changing commitments based on reasons and assumptions,

    Marosin Diana and Leon van der Torre

  • We ought to; They do; Blame the management! -- A conceptualisation of group norms,

    Huib Aldewereld, Virginia Dignum and Wamberto Vasconcelos

  • Re-checking Normative System Coherence,

    Thomas Christopher King, Virginia Dignum and M. Birna Van Riemsdijk

  • Monitoring the Impact of Norms upon Organisational Performance: a Simulation Approach,

    Chris Haynes, Simon Miles and Michael Luck

  • Identifying Conflicts between Norms and Values,

    Karen Figueiredo and Viviane Silva

  • Towards the Norm-Aware Agent: Bridging the gap between deontic specifications and practical mechanisms for Norm Monitoring and Norm-Aware Planning,

    Sofia Panagiotidi, Sergio Alvarez and Javier Vázquez-Salceda

  • Normative Conflicts that Depend on the Application Domain,

    Viviane Silva

  • Multiagent Socio-Technical Systems. An Ontological Approach,

    Daniele Porello, Marco Cristani, Roberta Ferrario and Francesco Setti

  • Norms for Electronic Partners in Socio-geographical Support: A Grounded Model,

    Abdullah Kayal, Birna van Riemsdijk, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Rianne Gouman and Mark Neerincx

  • Contextualized Institutions in Virtual Organizations,

    Tingting Li, Jie Jiang, Huib Aldewereld, Marina De Vos, Virginia Dignum and Julian Padget

  • Analysis of the use of events and states as brute facts in modelling of institutional facts,

    Maiquel Brito, Jomi Fred Hubner and Rafael H. Bordini

  • Diversity Beats Strength? - Towards Forming a Powerful Team,

    Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Albert Xin Jiang and Milind Tambe

  • Norms in Distributed Organizations,

    Bas Testerink, Mehdi Dastani and John-Jules Meyer

  • Norm Identification through Plan Recognition,

    Nir Oren and Felipe Meneguzzi

  • A Framework for Programming Norm-Aware Multi-Agent Systems,

    Daniela Dybalova, Bas Testerink, Mehdi Dastani and Brian Logan

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