Thu, 23 October, 2003
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SL_XTI is a compiler for experimenting with type inferencing. Followup work takes place in the context of the Utrecht Haskell Compiler.

Simple Stack Machine

JAZY, Java Lazy and Functional library, used for parser combinators

Based on the UU Haskell distribution

Panorama Applet

Small Java applet rotating a panorama picture. See the zip file with source code and examples. Developed under Java 1.1.8, MacOS 9.1, CodeWarrior Pro 6.

  • 20010523, zip. Added scaling (no interpolation) and cylindrical view. It works, but no guarantees as it is just some fiddling around.
  • 20000426, zip. First distribution.

Java Parser Combinator (obsolete)

  • Demo applet (alas, fails to run under the combination Mac+Netscape (to be more precise: MacOS 9.0, MRJ 2.2, Netscape 4.7))
  • Readme: background and downloading

DCache for Atari ST

I try to forget it (my software archive already has), but external memory is more persistent: