Typing Haskell with an Attribute Grammar

Mon, 14 October, 2002
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20021004, this page is under construction.

About SL_XTI

A "Simple Language" SL_XTI (SL + eXtended Type Inference) compiler focusses on implementing and experimenting with functional language features like

  • Type system
  • Data types
  • Type classes

The SL_XTI compiler isbased upon the SL compiler from the IPT (Implementation of Programming Languages) course. Within this course SL is used as a teaching vehicle for explaining aspects of compilers. The compiler is written using the AG system and Parser Combinators. Besides making a compiler incorporating 'standard' functionality of functional languages like Haskell, this project also aims at providing an understandable compiler, targeted for use in education and research.

The current prototype implements type inferencing only. The current version type checks Haskell alike programs. Here 'alike' means 'not yet Haskell'. However, the type inference gives the same results as Haskell for fairly complicated examples.


A paper describing pieces of the compiler can soon be expected here. The release contains a draft version of this paper.


The most recent stable version is 0.1.19, 20021004, zip file, cvs tag v_0_1_19 in the cvs repository. The cvs repository is updated regularly with the most recent development version; do not use these versions as they reflect the inconsistent state of the development process.