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Thu, 23 October, 2003
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Active research

Utrecht Haskell Compiler

Precede by the SL type inferencer (SL_XTI), UHC will be a full Haskell compiler.

UHC related student projects

For students, projects like the following are available. The list is a bit outdated but still not all projects have been realized in UHC.

  • Code generation, e.g. for LVM
  • Dictionaries for class instances
  • Binding group analysis
  • Existential types
  • Record types
  • Modules
  • Alternative ways of type inferencing: typings instead of types
  • Optimizing type inferencing
  • Higher ranked types
  • Incorporation of techniques for better error reporting
  • Performance comparison with other type inference implementations
  • Incorporating the compiler (typechecker in particular) in the AG system (masterthesis project)
  • Generation of HTML pages with clickable error messages
  • Performance tuning, trying out different alternatives for heavily used data structures

PaperAid authoring tool

PaperAid is a tool supporting the writing of papers. It provides support for writing papers containing a lot of code in situations where this code changes often (causing a versioning problem). PaperAid also allows the creation of documents in different textual formats like LaTeX and Html.

PaperAid is based on ideas of the Skit system. See the homepage of PaperAid for an overview of its features, restrictions and current status (which is: not yet released, under development).

PaperAid related student projects

For students, projects like the following are available:

  • Making an integrated outline + flattened output editor
  • Adding scriptability
  • Subviews on existing outlines
  • Searching, finding in outlines

Other student projects

  • In Types and Programming Languages by Benjamin Pierce all example compilers have been written in and for OCaml. The projects consists of writing the compilers in AG.
  • Eclipse is an open source IDE (integrated development environment) allowing all kinds of external software to be integrated in the form of plugins. The project(s) consists of finding out if AG, GHC, Hugs and other tools can be incorporated, and, if possible, doing this.
  • Related to the AG (Attribute Grammar) system a variety of very small, less small, and large and larger projects exist. These projects are described in a separate document.

Inactive/Past research

Java Lazy Parser Combinators

See jazy (and the obsolete jpc).

Skit system

See also Skit system home page.
  • Atze Dijkstra, Martijn Schrage and Doaitse Swierstra, 'SKIT, An Open Architecture for Courseware Authoring', Proceedings of the 1999 Fronting in Education Conference, 1999, pp. 12c3-7 -12c3-12, IEEE Computer Society Press.
    Download as pdf or zipped postscript.
    Also appeared as technical report UU-CS-1999-26.
  • Atze Dijkstra, 'Onderwijsmateriaal structureren en hergebruiken', Tijdschrift voor Informatica-Onderwijs, Vol. 9, No. 1, maart 2000, pp. 8-13. In pdf format (not the officially published one).

Camera system

  • Gert Florijn, Ernst Lippe, Atze Dijkstra, Norbert van Oosterom and Doaitse Swierstra, 'Camera: Cooperation in Open Distributed Environments', Proceedings of the EurOpen and USENIX Spring 1992 Workshop/Conference, apr 1992, pp. 123-136.
  • The (1994) documentation of the prototype, pdf and postscript.