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Knipscheer Tijdrit Almere, picture by Cees Petter (31 March 2018)

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Rembert Duine
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Faculteit Betawetenschappen
Utrecht University
Leuvenlaan 4
3584 CE Utrecht
The Netherlands

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I am a "Universitair Hoofddocent" (~ Assoc. Prof.) at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Utrecht University and Part-time professor (deeltijdhoogleraar) on the chair Theory for Spin-based Nanoelectronics at Eindhoven University of Technology. My current research is focused mostly on spintronics: the research discipline concerned with exploiting the spin degree of freedom of the electron in applications. Spintronics combines efforts of materials nanoscience, nano-electronics, and condensed-matter physics. My expertise is in theoretical condensed-matter physics.

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