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Prof. dr. ir. Jason Frank (Hutchinson, Kansas, USA 1970) earned B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Kansas in 1992 and 1994. In 1995 he worked as researcher in the mathematics departments at U. Kansas and at CWI, Amsterdam. From 1996 through 2000 he completed PhD studies in numerical analysis at Delft University of Technology and CWI (PhD, T.U. Delft, April 2000) with a dissertation on parallel computing methods for ordinary and partial differential equations. From 2000-2013 he was employed by CWI, Amsterdam as researcher in the department Modelling, Analysis and Computation, and leader of the research group MAC1 - Computational and Stochastic Dynamics. From 2010-2013 he was appointed Full Professor at the University of Amsterdam in the Chair for Numerical Analysis and Dynamical Systems. In 2013 he was appointed professor of numerical Analysis at Utrecht University. His research addresses geometric numerical methods for partial differential equations, with applications in geophysical fluid dynamics and nonlinear waves.  


Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica University of Amsterdam
Modelling Analysis & Computation Faculty of Science - KdV Institute
P.O. Box 94079 P.O. Box 94248
1090 GB Amsterdam 1090 GE Amsterdam
the Netherlands the Netherlands
phone: +31 20 5924096 phone: +31 20 5256540
fax: +31 20 5924199
e-mail: (available on web site, see below)


Birthdate: 21 Feb 1970
Birthplace: Hutchinson, Kansas, USA
Citizenship: American
Family status: married, 2 children
Languages: English (native), Dutch (fluent)


Ph.D. 17 Apr 2000. Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands. Faculty of Information Technology and Systems, Department of Applied Mathematics. Dissertation title: Efficient Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations ( Advisors: Prof. Dr. Ir. P. Wesseling, Prof. Dr. P.J. van der Houwen, Dr. Ir. C. Vuik.

Master of Science. 31 Dec 1994. University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Department of Aerospace Engineering. Thesis title: An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Swirl on Mixing Enhancement of Supersonic Rectangular Jets.

Bachelor of Science. 31 Dec 1992. University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Department of Aerospace Engineering.  


UvA (University of Amsterdam), Since Mar 2010, Full Professor (20% appointment) in the Chair for Numerical Analysis and Dynamical Systems, under the Foundation for Higher Education in Applied Mathematics.

CWI (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since Jan 2007, Theme leader of group MAC1 "Computational and Stochastic Dynamics". Leadership of a staff of about 7–15 full and part time researchers.

UvA (University of Amsterdam), Sep 2006–Dec 2008, 20% detachment. Teaching bachelor and master courses in numerical analysis

CWI (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since Jan 2002, senior scientist. Geometric methods and applications in atmospheric/climate research. (

CWI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and GMD, Sankt Augustin, Germany, joint position. Jan 2000–Dec 2001, postdoctoral researcher. Numerical integration and dynamics of geophysical fluid flows.

CWI, Amsterdam. Jul 1998–Dec 1999, visiting researcher. Development of parallel methods for initial value problems.

Delft University of Technology. Feb 1996 - Dec 1999, doctoral candidate. Research in parallel domain decomposition for the Navier-Stokes equations. Teaching of computer lab sessions with Matlab, 5 terms. (

CWI, Amsterdam. Jun - Dec 1995, visiting researcher. Research on the stability of time integration methods.

University of Kansas, Department of Mathematics, Lawrence, Kansas. Sep - May 1995, graduate student. Research on time integration of Hamiltonian PDEs. Teaching of computer lab sessions with Matlab, 1 term. (

University of Kansas, Department of Aerospace Engineering. Jan 1993 - May 1994, graduate student. Research on experimental aerodynamics. Teaching of aerodynamics lab sessions, 3 terms.  








University of Amsterdam, Science Faculty, Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics







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  • Inaugural lecture "The Nature of Prediction (and the Prediction of Nature)" University of Amsterdam, 21 Apr. 2011.
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