Biographies of Notable Scholars on the Astral Sciences in Mesopotamia

This section provides biographical references to scholars who in the past have made significant contributions to our knowledge on Mesopotamian astronomy and astrology:

George Smith (1840-1876)

Joseph Epping (1835-1894)

Jules Oppert (1825-1905)

Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli (1835-1910)

Robert Holford Macdowall Bosanquet (1841-1913)

Johann Nepomucen Strassmaier (1846-1920)

Franz Xaver Kugler (1862-1929)

Carl Schoch (1873-1929)

Archibald Henry Sayce (1845-1933)

John Knight Fotheringham (1874-1936)

François Thureau-Dangin (1872-1944)

Johann Baptist Clemens Schaumberger (1885-1955)

Jean Charles Gabriel Virolleaud (1879-1968)

Ernst Friedrich Weidner (1891-1976)

Abraham Joseph Sachs (1914-1983)

Otto E. Neugebauer (1899-1990)

Bartel Leendert van der Waerden (1903-1996)

David Edwin Pingree (1933-2005)

Asger Hartvig Aaboe (1922-2007)

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