Bibliography on the Computus and the Calculation of Easter Sunday

Ostern ist ein Fest vnd khein Stern
[Easter is a feast, not a planet]

Johannes Kepler, Ein Gespräch von der Reformation des alten Calenders (1613 [unpublished])
[Joannis Kepleri Opera Omnia, vol. 4 (1863), p. 37 [Gallica link]]

This web page presents a bibliography on Easter, the calculation of the ecclesiastical calendar (the computus) and modern computer algorithms designed for the same purpose.

The bibliography also includes articles on the history of the Gregorian calendar and the Julian Period which will eventually migrate to other web pages which I am still designing.

General Works on Calendars and Chronology (chronological)

History of the Pre-Dionysian Computus (chronological)

The Computus of the Eastern Church (chronological)

The Introduction of the Dionysian Easter Reckoning in Western Europe (chronological)

The Gregorian Calendar and its Introduction (chronological)

The Calculation of Easter Sunday (chronological)

The French Republican or Revolutionary Calendar (chronological)

I am grateful to Reinhold Bien, Michael Deckers, J.P.M. van Elk, Horst Kannemann, Joachim Krueger, Heiner Lichtenberg and John Stockton for corrections and suggesting additional references.

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