Western-Islamic Calendar Converter based on the Islamic Calendar of Turkey (1318 AH to 1444 AH)

The following Western-Islamic calendar converter is based on the Islamic calendar of Turkey and is valid from 1 Muharrem 1318 AH (1 May 1900) to 29 Cemaziyelahir 1444 AH (21 January 2023). Outside this interval, the converter will give erroneous results.

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Dates for the years 1318 AH to 1444 AH (ILN 15805 to 17322) are based on data provided by
the website of the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı)

When this web page is loaded the calendar converter will output the current date and the length of the current month according to the Islamic calendar of Turkey. The date can be set manually to any other date between the limits given above.

Note that before 1 March 1917 (Gregorian) the Julian calendar was observed in the Ottoman Empire. The dates given by this calendar converter are all in the Gregorian calendar.

The Names of the Weekdays

As in all religions which trace their origin back the patriarch Abraham, the first day of the week corresponds with the Sunday.

  Turkish Arabic Persian Western
Name Translation
1 Pazar Market Day Yawm al-Aḥad Yekšanbe Sunday
2 Pazartesi Day After the Market Day Yawm al-Ithnayn Došanbe Monday
3 Salı Third Day Yawm al-Thalāthāʾ Sešanbe Tuesday
4 Çarşamba Fourth Day Yawm al-Arbāʿāʾ Čāhāršanbe Wednesday
5 Perşembe Fifth Day Yawm al-Khamīs Panjšanbe Thursday
6 Cuma Day of the Gathering Yawm al-Jumʿa Ādine Friday
7 Cumatesi Day After the Day of the Gathering Yawm al-Sabt Šanbe Saturday

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