Theory and Simulation of Soft Matter, Hydrodynamics, and Biophysics Joost de Graaf

Soft Matter and Biophysics Omnipresent and Relevant

My group works on the theoretical physics of everyday situations. Why does your shaving gel look good one day and does it come out as a liquid and some solid bits the next? How do bacteria move around in our body? Can we describe the way objects fall through slimy substances? In many cases answering these questions tests the limits of our current analytic and numerical ability.

Analytics and Numerics A Wide Range of Options

We have expertise in hydrodynamic and electrokinetic theory, lattice-Boltzmann fluid dynamics, finite element methods, density functional theory, and many others, with specific focus on the description of active and out-of-equilibrium processes in soft matter and biophysics. We are always looking for new collaborations and would be keen to discuss possible Bachelor's and Master’s projects. Currently, we have an open PhD position, feel free to contact us for further information.