Jurriaan Hage

I am an assistant professor in the field of programming technology of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University.

Brief bio

My research interests lie in the area of static analysis, with a focus on type error diagnosis and static analysis of functional languages. I also publish on program plagiarism detection, software architecture, software analysis, and testing.

Before that, I studied computer science in Leiden and did my PhD on switching classes under the supervision of professors Grzegorz Rozenberg and Tero Harju, bringing down my Erdös number to 3.

Long-running academic services

Short-running academic services

  • PC Member of CSERC 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • External Review Committee member for ICFP 2018
  • PC member for IPA for ICT.Open 2019

Externally funded projects

  • DOMain-Specific Type Error Diagnosis (DOMSTED), one PhD student in the NWO Free Competition (round Autumn 2012)
  • Higher-Ranked Polyvariance Explored, one PhD student in the NWO Free Competition (round Autumn 2011)
  • Future Internet Testing (EU project within FP7: ICT Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures). Co-applicant with Wishnu Prasetya and international academic and industrial partners
  • Service Extraction from Decomposed Software Monoliths in the Financial Domain (ServiciFi) (NWO Jacquard 5th round, 2010). Two PhD students, co-applicant with Slinger Jansen
  • Scriptable Compilers, one PhD student in the NWO Open Competition (round Spring 2004)

Teaching activities

I am responsible for the courses:
  • Languages and Compilers (Talen en Compilers, INFOB3TC) [go there]
  • Compiler Construction (INFOMCCO) [go there]
General education related activities:
  • Education Committee of the IPA research school
  • Member of BKOw committee that advises the head of department whom to award his or her BKO for teaching
I also supervise students preparing for the Computing Science Colloquium [go there].