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Hyacintus - Elydian

Artist: Hyacintus
Title: Elydian
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records
Length(s): 54 minutes
Year(s) of release: 2002
Month of review: [08/2002]

Line up

Jacinto M. Corral - guitars, piano & keys, bass, cello, viola, percussion
Ed Martinez - drums and programming on 3,7,9,12 & 13
Victor Sanchez - percussion and chorus on 2,4,7 & 13
Ariel Sanchez - clarinet on 2


1) Acto I - Elydian 4.17
2) Acto II - El Costo Del Tributo 5.06
3) Acto III - Creciendo Con Su Secreto 3.32
4) Acto IV - Overlay 5.51 MP3 or RealAudio
5) Acto V - Destruccion Y Desolacion 3.18
6) Acto VI - Dolor En El Alma 5.37
7) Acto VII - Marcha Hacia Elydian 3.56
8) Acto VIII - Recorriendo Las Calles 4.13
9) Acto IX - Dubiel 3.33
10) Acto X - Adiestrmiento Y Preparativos 4.12
11) Acto XI - Preludio 2.41
12) Acto XII - La Batalla 4.48
13) Acto XIII - Final 3.20


Hyacintus is a project started by Corral, expressing themselves in a work in thirteen acts here.

The music

Elydian is a gently flowing album, instrumental for the most part, not unlike some of the more recent releases on Musea, except that this album sounds like a concept album. Technically this all sounds pretty good, except for some boxed drums, rearing their ugly heads at times. It wouldn't surprise me to find Corral was classically schooled, his playing seems to indicate so for one thing. Exceptions to this regime are Acto IV - Overlay, which is a bit more up tempo and varied, Acto VI - Dolor En El Alma, which sounds like they hadn't completely finished rehearsals yet when they started recording and Acto XII - La Batalla which sounds rather eclectic at times. Especially this lastly mentioned track makes for a nice change (although my speakers would think 'nice' a fitting qualification, considering their creaks).


All in all this is an album floating by nicely, but missing the spark that would entice me into playing it again, I'm afraid. Those who like the instrumentally oriented stuff as released regularly by Musea nowadays would find this a very worthwhile release, though.
© Roberto Lambooy