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Finisterre - Finisterre

Artist: Finisterre
Title: Finisterre
Label: Mellow Records MMP 254
Length(s): 61 minutes
Year(s) of release: 1994
Month of review: 04/1996

Line up

Sergio Grazia - flute , eltric guitar
Marco Cavani - drums, percussion
Stefano Marelli - guitar, lead vocals on 3 and 6
Boris Valle - piano, keyboards
Fabio Zuffanti - bass, lead vocals on 7


1) Aqua 2.58
2) Asia 5.04
3) Macinaaqua, Macinaluna 8.55
4) ...Dal Caos.. 4.00
5) SYN 15.00
6) Isis 7.42
7) Cantoantico 12.15
8) Phaedra 7.03


Read on.

The music

Aqua is the intro that seems so necessary on a lot of albums. The melody reminds me of falling waterdrops and is very atmopheric. The next track is rather up-tempo with some flute and a nice build-up. As a whole the track is rather rocking with some quiet interludes and reminds me a little of 12th Night. Very energetic.

The next track I'm less fond of. It begins with some ELP and rather arbitrary keyboard playing and some classical interludes and even some twenties playful stuff in between. The guitar has a psychedelic sound and it all shows that the guys have a sense of humour. The vocal parts are quite strange on this track, changing often of mood and tone. The melody is sort of singalong, but the solo at the end of the track is alright.

After this rather schizophrenic track some Frippian playing in ...Dal Caos.., how unexpected. Well they know how to name there songs. Kind of RIOish as well.

The next track is far more melodic and approaches Pendragon with some sensitive guitarplaying . After some Satie (well not exactly) we get another change, this time into some up-tempo Flairck like stuff with flute and all. Sounds a bit classical. Later on we encounter even more surprises as we meet with the samba and also some Ekspetion like parts. Well, don't know how they get this into one track.

The fifth one is a fragmented track, rather playful and sunny with lots of bass. After a while it's a little slower and some accordeon is used.

The next track is rather good. After some quiet vocals , the flute and guitar start a build up after which the guitar continues alone and the vocals join in. Then we get more rock, but the melody is good and it's also rather emotionally done.

Starts out like Aque, but a little contrary. Then we get into a majestic guitar solo. Then we get typically melodic Italian vocals, accompanied by flute. Not very passionate, but more subdued. The song gains more power along the way with some nice flutework and some more guitar. The track ends with some beautiful harmonies and moves into a great guitar solo and a climactic end.

The closr starts with some up-tempo guitarriffs and some organ Conclusion. beneath. The guitarriff reminds me a little of Rush. Then we get a slower synth part, but it isn't very good. After a short silence, the song picks up with a nice melody on piano and a great organ/guitar solo. The songs ends with a lot of jamming.


In two minds with this one. On the one hand the variety is large on this album, but if you ask me what I really did like on this album, than Cantoantico is an easy winner. Other good tracks are 2 and 9. Still, on the whole, the album is too fragmented and it's nice to put everything in that you like, but it doesn't always work out that well.

© Jurriaan Hage