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Album cover
Artist: Rey
Title: Hidden Vibrations
Label: Tele Sound Recordings
Length(s): 59 minutes
Year(s) of release: 1999
Month of review: 07/2000

Line up

Ulrik Rey Henningson - everything


1) Voices In The Dark 2.11
2) Sharmila 5.17
3) Temple Of Beyond 8.19 MP3 or RealAudio
4) Black Ocean 6.16
5) Behind The Walls 7.09
6) Silver 6.15
7) Violet Winds 6.10
8) Exploring Mountains 4.56
9) Confused Direction 7.55
10) Sharmila X 4.21


A synthesizer musician with his debut album. He's not without experience though since he played in quite a few projects and also participated in a number of tribute albums.

The music

Opener Voices In The Dark is quite short and opens with penetrating keyboard sounds and some zissers. The music has a lone character and is atmospheric. Sharmila is a dark one, with Tangerine Dream influences because of the sequencers, but with strange sounding percussion as well. As if parts of the sounds were bitten off. Not all melodic, but certainly interesting. Temple Of Beyond opens with sounds and only little reference to melody. Mysterious is probably the best way to describe it. The rhythm then becomes more involved and the music takes on a modern character. After a rhythmless intermezzo the rhythm returns first in more tribal form and then danceable again. But only for a short while. Black Ocean features low swirling keyboards, and becomes rather straightforward modern ambient. The music is slowmoving with quite a lot of rhythm, but not very fast. In sound there are some references to Depeche Mode's keyboard sound. Behind The Walls continues the dark ambient feel with sparse sounds and sparse percussive sounds. Whispering voices on this one, which never gets more than atmospheric. Halfway now we come to Silver. This is something else. Very poppy, opening in a rather trite way, think seventies Jarre here. Percussion especially doesn't sound very appealing. But the song gets better along the way, if you forget about the percussives. Violet Winds opens quite tensely, but then it becomes more friendly. Exploring Mountains is full of radio sounds (when you are looking for the right channel), but it is also a track in which the music gets a bit more tempo and energy. The TD influences return, but also the vocals in the back. After Confused Direction the final track finds us back at Sharmila, but now in a modern version with more prominent rhythm work.


Dark, mysterious and often tribal is the music of Rey. Owing to modern ambient and also to the heroes of the past, I found the music on this album quite nice to listen to, but what I was missing were tracks with body and melody. It is all quite well to be able to fill an album with mood and texture, but the fact that I was looking for more melody, more concreteness I think says something.
© Jurriaan Hage