André Henriques

Mathematisch Instituut,
Universiteit Utrecht, Postbus 80.010
3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Office: 506, phone: +31 30 2534790
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Teaching and seminars.    Utrecht Staff colloquium.    Quarterly Topology and Geometry seminar.
From 2004 to 2007, I organized the first four Talbot workshops, with C. Douglas, J. Francis, and M. Hill.
In August 2010, I ran a workshop on Operator algebras and conformal field theory (i.e. conformal nets).
blue = on the ArXiv. pink = not on the ArXiv.
  • The value of Chern-Simons theory on a point. The notes of my Berkeley Chern-Simons lectures.
  • Course notes on CFT (Berkeley graduate course, Spring 2014).
  • A K(Z,4) in nature: video
  • A partial construction of extended CFTs. On the same topic: one video... and four more videos.
  • My long-term project with Arthur Bartels and Chris Douglas is taking shape: here are the first, second, and third papers of a series of 5 papers on conformal nets.
  • Twelve videos on Quantum groups and 3-manifold invariants, with Chris Douglas.
  • The square root of a modular tensor category: video.
  • On various notions of tricategories, with Chris Douglas.
  • Orange peels, with Laurent Bartholdi.
  • On index of subfactors, with Arthur Bartels and Chris Douglas.
  • TMF and conformal nets, with Chris Douglas.
  • A page on the 576-periodicity of the free fremion, along with a video where I talk about this conjecture.
  • My ERC grant proposal about the conjectural relationship between conformal nets and TMF: Parts 1, 2.
  • Conformal nets and local field theory, with Arthur Bartels and Chris Douglas.
  • A draft about Z/2-graded conformal nets and string structures, with Chris Douglas.
  • A draft on a model of K-theory via non-locally trivial vector bundles.
  • On String orientations, with Chris Douglas and Michael Hill.
  • A lecture by Mike Hopkins on MString → tmf.
  • The n-dimensional cube recurrence, with David Speyer.
  • A model category for stratified spaces.
  • A picture of the sphere eversion
    Here's a picture indicating the ring structure of tmf  at p = 2, and here's a survey on π*(tmf) and on the Adams spectral sequence for tmf.
    Here's a list of typos and comments for A. Wassermann's article Operator algebras and conformal field theory.

    Five years ago, I was a post-doc at Münster, in the topology group of Wolfgang Lück.

  • An action of the cactus group.
  • On the homotopy theory of orbispaces, with David Gepner.
  • CFT's associated to non-effective orbifolds, with Simeon Hellerman , Tony Pantev, Eric Sharpe, and Matthew Ando.
  • The periodicity of the bounded octahedron recurrence.
  • How to integrate L-infinity algebras. This 3 page abstract focuses more on the String group.
  • Gerbes on C/Z3, with Giovanni Felder, Carlo Rossi, and Chenchang Zhu.
  • Some notes on CW-orbispaces, and some on orbivariant K-theory.
    Here's a one page handout on stacks.

    Before, I was a grad student of Mike Hopkins at MIT.

  • My thesis (2005) is on orbispaces.
  • With Pavel Etingof, Eric Rains, and Joel Kamnitzer on the cohomology of the real locus of \bar Mo,n.
  • With Laurent Bartholdi and Volodia Nekrashevych on groups and automata .
  • With Joel Kamnitzer on a commutor for crystals, and on gl(n)-crystals.
  • With Tara Holm and Megumi Harada on T-equivariant generalised cohomology of G/P.
  • A picture of the subalgebra A(2) of the Steenrod algebra.

    I was also a grad student of Allen Knutson at Berkeley.

  • On presentations of non-effective orbifolds, joint work with David Metzler.
  • On a definition of orbifolds that uses the Borel construction.
  • On a convexity property of amoebas of algebraic varieties.
  • Here's my qual syllabus.

    Even before, I was an undergraduate in Geneva.

  • My undergraduate thesis with Vaughan Jones on the Ising model.
  • On a q-analogue of the notion of arithmetic polynomial.