Advertisement: Here's the webpage of a workshop on operads that will happen this semester in Luminy.
Organizers: Tilman Bauer and André Henriques

Seminar on Operads and loop spaces
This seminar will take place every Tueseday afternoon. The meetings last one hour.
In Utrecht, we meet at 14:00, in room 610. At the VU, we meet at 13:15, somewhere on the 6th floor of the science building.

We will start by following chapter 1 of part II of the book of Markl, Shnider and Stasheff.


24 Feb at the VU, at 17:00: (Ittay) Definition of operads, loop spaces, little intervals, little cubes.
10 March at the UU, at 14:00*: (Ionut) A-infinity operads, algebras over operads, Stasheff polytopes, operads as monads.
17 March at the UU: Ionut gives the second part of his talk*.
24 March: (André), at the VU*: Operads and Monads, free constructions, approximation theorem.
31 March: (Tilman), at Utrecht.
7 April, VU: (Andor) Bar construction, recognition principle (part 1).
14 April, UU: (Dave)
21 April: no meeting
28 April: no meeting
12 May VU*: (Dave) Bar construction, recognition principle (part 2).
19 May VU: (Andor)
26 May UU: (Marti) Koszul duality for operads.
16 June VU: (Magda) Koszul duality for operads. (cancelled)

* We'll meet for just one hour this time, in room 610.
* From now on, we will meet once every week, and every speaker will talk twice.
* will take place in room P631
* this time, it's in room S-648: