Most recent teaching:

  • Homological algebra.

    Past teaching:
    Geometric group theory (Oxford)
    Homological algebra (Oxford)
    von Neumann algebras (Oxford)
    Conformal field theory (Berkeley)
    Foundations of mathematics
    Group theory
    Topologie en meetkunde
    Introduction to CFT
    Wiskundige technieken 3
    Functies en reeksen

    Complexe functies
    (many of them multiple times)

    Past seminars:
    Floer theory and Khovanov homology (fall '16)
    Quantum groups and affine Lie algebras (spring '16)
    Conformal field theory (spring '14)
    Quantum Integrable Models (fall '13)
    algebraic QFT (spring '13)
    Quantum groups (fall '12)
    Vertex algebras (spring '12)
    Algebraic K-theory (fall '11)
    von Neumann algebras (spring '11)
    Topological modular forms (fall '10)
    Operads and loop spaces (spring '09)
    Stable homotopy theory (fall '08)
    Twisted K-theory (spring '08)