Dr. Anna von der Heydt

Assistant Professor







PhD position available: Dynamics and climatic imprint of the early Antarctic Circumpolar Current 


The successful candidate will carry out Earth System model simulations using newly generated continental geometries of the Oligocene and Miocene times, when the Antarctic circumpolar current has developed. The climate model simulations will be combined with eddy-permitting ocean model simulations and Lagrangian particle tracking techniques to advance the interpretation of fossil archives of these time periods. READ MORE

Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (IMAU)

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty of Science

Utrecht University

Princetonplein 5

3584CC Utrecht

The Netherlands

Office: Buys Ballot Laboratorium (BBL), Room 612

Email: A.S.vonderHeydt at uu.nl

Phone +31-30-2535963

Fax +31-30-2543163