Pheme Project

Pheme is a communication infrastructure for all types of product software knowledge, such as product news, product updates, licenses, product feedback, and error feedback. Pheme consists of a

To give an idea of what Pheme is capable of, here are some of the user stories of Pheme. For further information on Pheme's name check out WikiPedia.

The Software Vendor
A software vendor needs to get knowledge to its end users. Such knowledge can be product news, software licenses, or product updates. The vendor wishes to approach all its customers, a group of customers, or one customer only. Pheme enables a vendor to reduce operational and support costs with software delivery through the internet. Furthermore the vendor can use Pheme to improve customer communication with targeted in-product messaging. Finally, the vendor can greatly improve development with product usage data and error feedback reports (when possible).

The System Administrator
Pheme combines system administration with software knowledge delivery, providing the system administrator with direct access to all communication that occurs between the software vendor and the end-user. The system administrator can place intermediate docks between the vendor and end-user, enabling central product and update delivery, monitoring of all communication in and out, and complete policy control. The system administrator can thus manually or automatically decide whether information enters and leaves the organization, either automatically, or manually.

The End-User
The end user wants as least as possible to do with maintenance, on the other hand, when willing, the end-user should have as much power over its own system as the system administrator does. The end-user thus must be able to plan and schedule downloads of products and uploads of feedback, and to share knowledge with peers. The End-User must also be able to redistribute any software he/she receives.

Related Work

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Additional Information

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Workshop paper


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A Process Framework and Typology for Software Product Updaters - CSMR 2005 - (pdf) (bibtex)

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For more information please contact Slinger Jansen.


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