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WCGP '02

IFIP WG2.1 Working Conference on


Organised in conjunction with MPC'02
July 8 - July 13, 2002
Dagstuhl, Germany

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Generic programming is about making programs more adaptable by making them more general. Generic programs often embody non-traditional kinds of polymorphism; ordinary programs are obtained from them by suitably instantiating their parameters. In contrast with normal programs, the parameters of a generic programs are often quite rich in structure. For example they may be other programs, types or type constructors, class hierarchies, or even programming paradigms.

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The conference will take place in Dagstuhl, Germany.

Local Organisation

Jeremy Gibbons
Johan Jeuring
Bernhard Möller


Prospective attendants will be invited to register for the conference. Let us know if you think you should also be invited.

For information, contact Johan Jeuring