Hecke directory tar-file

We have a tar file for SUN users and one for other UNIX users. (The latter has not been tested much.) In the gnuzipped tar file for SUN users you find the programs used for the paper Hecke eigenforms in the Cuspidal Cohomology of Congruence Subgroups of SL(3,Z). Depending on your browser you may save it to your disc as heckesource.tar.gz or as heckesource.tar

In the former case one first unzips with the UNIX command

gunzip heckesource.tar.gz
thus creating heckesource.tar

One unpacks heckesource.tar with the UNIX command

tar xvf heckesource.tar
This will create a directory hecke (with contents) in your current directory. If you are not on UNIX, you will have trouble with these programs anyway. If you are on UNIX, but not on a SUN, you may try standardized programs instead. Or, if you want the latest, try experimental programs instead.

Wilberd van der Kallen