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Jan van Leeuwen

Professor of Computer Science

Recent (and some not so recent) images

(Utrecht, 2010)

(Dr h.c., RWTH Aachen, 2008)

(PhD Utrecht, 1972)

(Advanced Course, Amsterdam 1976, © PvEB)

(Utrecht, 1985)

(First Canadian Conf. on Comput. Geometry, August 1989, McGill University, Montreal)

(Faculty of Science, Utrecht, 2005)

(SOFSEM 2007, © Maria Bielikova).

(SOFSEM 2007)

(© I. Pel)

(AES2, Masterintroduction, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Utrecht, 2007)

(EIT Symposium, Tilburg, 2007)


(SPECIF'2008, Strasbourg)

(ICALP 2008, Reykjavik)

(ICALP 2008)

(ICALP 2008, Reykjavik)

(SOFSEM 2009, Spindlerov Mlyn)

(SOFSEM 2009, Spindlerov Mlyn)

(Barcelona, 2009)

(NIAS, 2009)

(Lorentz Center Workshop, Leiden, 2010)

(Utrecht, 2010)

(ECSS, Prague, 2010)

(Paderborn, 2010)

(Utrecht, 2010)

(The Hague, 2011)

(ECSS Milan, 2011)

(Dagstuhl workshop, 2012)

(RWTH Aachen, 2012)

(Sofsem, 2015)

(Sofsem, 2015)

(from Dies, Utrecht Univ, 2003)

(Peony of same name, no connection)

(© E. Welzl, Fibonacci Tower by Mario Merz, Turku 2009).

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