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Jan van Leeuwen

Professor of Computer Science

Curriculum Vitae

Born:           1946
Citizenship:  The Netherlands
Homepage:   http://www.cs.uu.nl/staff/jan.html



Academic duties (selection)

Editorial Boards

Awards, Honors and Qualifications

Project Coordinatorships (selection)

Program Committees (Selection)

Program committee member of more than 75 international workshops and conferences in computer science, most recently of: ICALP'2002, IFIP-TCS'2002, COCOON'2002, SIROCCO'2003, EUSAI'2003, SIROCCO'2004, PDCN'2005, DCOSS'05, FInCO'05, UC'05.

Books (Edited)

Proceedings (Edited and Co-edited)

Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vols 85, 312, 344, 486, 505/506, 790, 855, 1000, 1872, and 2076.

Published Papers and Technical Reports

More than 150, on the design and analysis of computer algorithms. Current research interests: design and analysis of algorithms, complexity theory, non-uniform complexity theory, formal methods, graph-theoretic modelling in computer science, intelligent algorithms, non-classical computing, parallel and distributed algorithms, sensor networks, theoretical computer science.

PhD Theses supervised (with year of completion)

MSc Theses supervised

Over 75, see homepage.

Courses taught

See homepage for a listing.

Society memberships

Academia Europaea, ACM, Amicitia Naturae Interpres, EATCS, Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI, Plus-Mitglied), IFIP - TC1, Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (Royal Dutch Society for the Sciences), IEEE Computer Society (until 2004), SIAM (until 2001), SIGACT, Koninklijk Wiskundig Genootschap (Royal Mathematical Society, the Netherlands).


Prof.Dr Jan van Leeuwen
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Faculty of Science
Utrecht University
Padualaan 14
3584 CH Utrecht
the Netherlands
Tel: +31-30-2534001, +31-30-2531454
Fax: +31-30-2513791
Email: jan@cs.uu.nl (also j.vanleeuwen@acm.org)

Last modified: 2006