Stefan Ligtenberg
PhD Student


15-09: Today, our Nature paper on calving fluxes and melt rates of Antarctic ice shelves got published

Third paper

11-03: Our paper in Climate Dynamics has been accepted, just in time for the IPCC deadline... Details.


30-11: Today the Science paper of the IMBIE project group got published! Here is a radio interview with Michiel van den Broeke about the paper (in Dutch).

Second paper

04-11: Our GRL paper has been accepted! Details.

On national radio

01-05: Sunday I made my debut on national radio, during the 'Vroege Vogels' show on Radio 1. Listen here at 1:28:25


26-04: Today our Nature paper got published, including a lot of media attention (NOS).


02-03: Our nature paper has been accepted! See publications for details.

Website online

27-01: Finally! It took a while, but my website is now up and running.


My name is Stefan Ligtenberg, and I work as a PhD student in the Ice and Climate research group at IMAU in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In February 2010 I started my PhD, with Michiel van den Broeke as my supervisor. The main topic of my research is the future surface mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet, as a contribution to the EU project Ice2sea. We force our regional atmospheric climate model RACMO2 with output from different global climate models and emission scenarios to assess the sensitivity of the Antarctic climate and surface mass balance in a future warming climate. More information about RACMO, see the research section.

I also developed a firn densification model that simulates surface height changes in time due to surface and firn processes. Such processes include accumulation, ablation, firn densifciation and melting and refreezing of snow. Time series of surface height changes are used to convert satellite altimetry surface height change measurements into mass changes. For more information about the firn model, see the research section.