Polychromatic 4-Coloring of Guillotine Subdivisions

A polychromatic k-coloring of a plane graph G is an assignment of k colors to the vertices of G such that each face of G, except possibly for the outer face, has all k colors on its boundary. A rectangular partition is a partition of a rectangle R into a set of non-overlapping rectangles such that no four rectangles meet at a point. It was conjectured in [Y. Dinitz, M.J. Katz, R. Krakovski, Guarding rectangular partitions, in: 23rd European Workshop Computational Geometry, 2007, pp. 30-33] that every rectangular partition admits a polychromatic 4-coloring. In this note we prove the conjecture for guillotine subdivisions - a well-studied subfamily of rectangular partitions.

keywords: Computational Geometry, Graphs Theory

Journal Article (peer-reviewed)

Elad Horev, Maarten Löffler, Matthew Katz, Roi Krakovski
Polychromatic 4-Coloring of Guillotine Subdivisions
Information Processing Letters
109, 13, 690–694, 2009

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