Downloadable expository writing

Teichmueller spaces and Torelli theorems for hyperkaehler manifolds16 p. (Dec. 2019)

Some algebraic geometry related to the mapping class group, abstract of a survey talk given at the Oberwolfach workshop New Perspectives on the Interplay between Discrete Groups in Low-Dimensional Topology and Arithmetic Lattice, June 2015.

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The Hitchin fibration, notes for a talk given in a seminar on Ngo’s preprint, Le lemme fondamental pour les algèbres de Lie, Nov. 2008, 9 p.

Uniformization by Lauricella functions-an overview of the theory of Deligne-Mostow, appeared in Lectures Notes for the CIMPA Summer School Arithmetic and Geometry Around Hypergeometric Functions 207-244, Progr. Math. 260, Birkhaüser Verlag Basel (2007).

(with T. Springer) Peter Slodowy (in German), appeared in Jahresber. Dtsch. Math.-Ver. 108 (2006), 105-117 .

Conformal blocks revisited, Intercity seminar April 15 2005 (this version of July 4 2005), 18 p. (superseded by From WZW models to modular functors.)

Motivic measures, Séminaire Bourbaki Mars 2000, appeared in Astérisque No. 276, 267-297, (2002).

A minicourse on moduli of curves, given at the School on Algebraic geometry 1999 at the ICTP, Trieste, appeared in ICTP Lecture Note series 1 (2000), 267-291.

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Cohomology and intersection homology of algebraic varieties, appeared in Complex Algebraic Geometry at Park City, IAS/Park City Mathematical Series 3, AMS, 221-263, 1997.