Links to Lecture Notes and webpages of recent courses

This page contains the lecture notes of courses I taught not too long ago and in some cases it gives links to the course's webpage.

Algebraic Geometry I & II
Course taught at Tsinghua University, as of the Fall term of 2013. Part II was given in the Spring term 2014 and is given
this Spring (2017).
 Currently  207 p. Includes an appendix with basic results from (abelian) category theory and sheaf cohomology. 

Webpages of these courses:  
Algebraic Geometry I (Fall 2013),  
Algebraic Geometry II (Spring 2014),
Algebraic Geometry I (Fall 2015), 
Algebraic Geometry I (Fall 2016)
Algebraic Geometry I (Fall 2017),
Algebraic Geometry I (Fall 2018).

Topology of algebraic varieties (Spring 2016)
Course taught at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center. Course notes 86 p.

Infinite dimensional Lie algebras occurring in Algebraic Geometry (Spring 2015)
Course taught at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center. Course notes (48 p.)

Moduli of Curves at Tsinghua (Fall 2011) 
Course taught at Tsinghua University, Course Notes (80 p.) 

Locally symmetric varieties and moduli (43 p.)
Three lectures at RIMS (Kyoto), June 2013.

Trento notes on Hodge theory (34 p.)
Trento Summer school September 2009, 34 p.

Rational surfaces and singularities (31 p., but unfinished), 
Lectures at the Chinese University at Hong Kong and Tsinghua University, March 2013.

   Some older course notes:

Smooth manifolds (2010 edition, 70 p.)

Riemannian Geometry-an introduction  (2008 edition, 42 p.)

Meetkunde op varieteiten  (in Dutch, 2004 edition 107 p.) I: De taal der varieteiten, II: Differentiaalmeetkunde, III: Excursies.  De eerste twee hoofdstukken corresponderen min of meer met de twee  bovenvermelde engelstalige diktaten.

Riemann Surfaces  (2007 edition, 63 p., essentially a translation of the item below) 
Riemannoppervlakken (in Dutch, 2003 edition, 50 p.)

Complex manifolds (43 p., notes by M. Grooten based on a course of mine)

Algebraic Topology  (2010, 49 p., mostly a translation of the item below).
Webpage of this course: 
 Algebraic Topology 2010 
Algebraische  Topologie
  (In Dutch, 2001 edition, 57 p.)

The following two sets of notes are based on Master Class courses. This should be kept in mind, for deprived from that context, they might look unbalanced and incomplete.

        Introduction to conformal blocks (Master Class 2008, 38 p.)

        Frobenius Manifolds (Master Class 2009, 31 p.)Algebraic Geometry (代数几何) I (Fall 2018)