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001 blackmore1999 mind
Blackmore, Susan, The Meme Machine, Oxford University Press, 1999.
002 dennett1991 mind+life
Dennett, Daniel C., Consiousness Explained, Penguin, 1991.
003 dennett1995 mind+life
Dennett, Daniel C., Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Penguin, 1995.
004 dennett2003 mind+life
Dennett, Daniel C., Freedom Evolves, Penguin, 2003.
005 dennett2005 mind+life
Dennett, Daniel C., Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness, Penguin, 2003.
006 penrose1997 mind+cosmo
Penrose, Roger, The Large, the Small and the Human Mind, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
007 pinker1997 mind+life
Pinker, Steven, How the Mind Works, Allan Lane, 1997.
008 pinker2002 phil+mind+life
Pinker, Steven, The Blank Slate, Penguin, 2002.
009 pinker2007 lang+mind
Pinker, Steven, The Stuff of Though: Language as a Window into Human Nature, Penguin, 2007.
010 ridder1999 phil+mind
Ridder, Willem de, Handboek Spiegelogie, De Zaak, 1999.
011 ridley1994 life+mind+phil
Ridley, Matt, The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, Penguin, 1994.
012 ridley1996 life+mind+phil
Ridley, Matt, The Origins of Virtue, Penguin, 1997.
013 russell1946 phil+mind+hist
Russell, Bertrand, History of Western Philosophy, Routledge, 1946.
014 schroedinger1943 life+mind
Schrödinger, Erwin, What is Life? ; Mind and Matter, Cambridge University Press, 2004.

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