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World Wide Lighthouse Picture Project


The goal of the WorldWide Lighthouse Picture Project is to collect a picture and description of every lighthouse in the world by setting up and linking many regional sites.

The project is finished when we have


The idea is to set up regional sites (per country, province, state) with a common core format and link 'em all together.

This is not a commercial project. Volunteers contribute for fun and fame, not money.

Organisations may sponsor the project by giving access to online resources.
Sponsors will be given due credit, of course.


For example, I have created a page for the Netherlands.
This page is generated from a data file in simple format.

Currently I am working on a data file for Ireland.
Miguel Garcia is providing information on Uruguay.
The current sofware also generates one page for the world.

join the project ?

If you feel you have a contribution to make, send mail to Henk Penning (penning@cs.uu.nl).

I would like to hear from people who want to create a list of all lighthouses in some part of the world.

references for the WWLPP

reference sites by region

Lighthouses of Australia
England & Wales
The Corporation of Trinity House
Matthias Suckert Leuchtturm Homepage
Hong Kong
lighthouse page of the Marine Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR)
Commissioners of Irish Lights
Northern Lighthouse Board
Swedish Lighthouse Society
The Netherlands
lighthouse page of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
the Dutch Lighthouse Society, (De Nederlandse Vuurtoren Vereniging)
free maps by zipcode from Lokatienet by BridGIS
Servicio de Oceanografía, Hidrografía y Meteorología de la Armada


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