Commonsense Reasoning 2010/2011


This is the course page of the combined Computer Science /CAI course Commonsense Reasoning 2009/2010. The information below will be continuously updated during period 2.


Henry Prakken

Course description:

See the study guide description for a general description of the course and the course schedule.

Prerequisite knowledge:

At the start of the course the student should have a knowledge of standard propositional and first-order predicate logic and elementary set theory as taught in Logica en Verzamelingen (logic and set theory), Logica voor Informatica (Logic for Computer Science) or an equivalent course.

Reading + software:


The examination of this course consists of two parts:

Both the manadatory exercises and the final exam are "open book but closed notebook": the student is allowed to take the course reader and the articles listed below to the exerices and exam, but the reader and articles must not contain any additional notes, whether handwritten or other; neither is the use of any other material during the exercises or exam allowed, unless announced otherwise at this page.
The three mandatory exercises will cover the material specified below, while the final exam will cover the following material:

The final result of the course is determined as follows: average of the marks for the three mandatory exercises (20%) + mark for final exam (80%). For admission to the second-chance exam the original final result must be at least a 4. For the final result after the 2nd chance exam the mark for the final exam is replaced with the mark for the 2nd chance exam (so the average mark for the mandatory exercises also counts for the final result after the 2nd chance exam).

Topics of the lectures and working groups

The tables below contain the schedule, topics and discussed literature of the lectures and working groups. NB: the schedule may change if needed, so please check it before each lecture.

- Lectures (HC):









HC 1

Mon 22-11

Default logic 1:
Reader Section 10.5: pages 3-5 and 19-29 of Antoniou


HC 2

Wed 24-11

Default logic 2:
Reader Section 10.5: sections 4.1 and 4.2 of Antoniou


HC 3

Mon 29-11

Default logic 3:
reader Section 10.5., sections 4.5, 5.1, 5.4, 7.5, 8.1 of Antoniou


HC 4

Wed 01-12

reader Ch. 1


HC 5

Mon 06-12

Event calculus
Shanahan, sections 1, 2, 3.1-3.4


HC 6

Wed 08-12

Abstract argumentation - semantics 1.
reader Ch. 3, sections 4.1-4.2


HC 7

Mon 13-12

Abstract argumentation - semantics 2.
reader sections 4.3-4.7


HC 8

Wed 15-12

Abstract argumentation - proof theory.
reader Ch. 5


HC 9

Mon 20-12

Structured argumentation (1)
reader sections 6.1-6.2


HC 10

Wed 22-12

Structured argumentation (2)


HC 11

Mon 10-01

Dialogue systems for argumentation (1)


HC 12

Wed 12-01

Dialogue systems for argumentation (2)


HC 13

Mon 17-01

Reasoning with causal information


HC 14

Wed 19-01

Course synthesis; question time


- Working groups and mandatory exercises(WC)

NB: The mandatory exercises start at 09.00 and take maximally 40 minutes.



Mandatory exercises (09.00-09.40)

Exercises (topics)





WC 1

Wed 01-12


All exercises Sections 2.1 + 2.3.1

WC 2

Wed 08-12


Al exercises Sections 2.2, 2.3.2, 2.4

WC 3

Wed 15-12

On HC 1-5

All exercises Ch. 4

WC 4

Wed 22-12

On HC 6-8

All exercises Ch. 5 + exercises 6.5.1-6.5.5

WC 5

Wed 12-01<TD



Exercises 6.5.6-6.5.11, all exercises Ch. 7




WC 6

Wed 19-01

On HC 9-12

(causal reasoning)

WC 7

Wed 26-01


(practicing with exam + question time)