DOT students-2004 photos

Selma de Mink & Dagmar de Rooij
        Selma with Rob Hammerschlag on the DOT
        with Pit Sütterlin & Sylvain Rondi at DOT control
        Selma at work with Luc Rouppe van der Voort and Rob Rutten (taken by Dagmar)
        at work with Luc Rouppe van der Voort
        Dagmar de Rooij giving a USO seminar
        Rob Hammerschlag & Luc Rouppe van der Voort at Dagmar's USO seminar
        Felix Bettonvil, Mats Carlsson & Rob Hammerschlag at Dagmar's USO seminar
        with Govert Schilling and others at Grantecan
        Rob Rutten & Selma at data mining (taken by Dagmar)
        monitoring nighttime astronomers at data gathering (taken by Anthony Horton)

Marcel Haas & Jacob van Peet
        at work
        on the moon
        on the Roque
        on leave, with Sylvain Rondi & Rob Rutten