This website is not under construction.  It has been more or less like this since 1995 when I started it to offer my radiative transfer course notes - which unfortunately did not change much either since then, although polishing them to textbook quality remains a priority goal. 

Subtract What's past? from What's new? for the evolution.  The signature date at the bottom of each page registers my connectivity, not necessarily updates.

The content of my pages is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. I allow use of my texts and images within the conditions of this license, for example for use in free encyclopedias as Wikipedia.  I take no responsibility whatsoever for use of my material or for material from others that my pages present or link to.

Serving this website and the DOT website is the last and only activity of Utrecht University in astronomy after starting in this field in 1642.  It even canceled its subscriptions to the major astronomy journals.  To study physics and astronomy in The Netherlands one now has to go to Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, or Nijmegen.  They offer excellent astronomy education, but no solar physics.  To become a solar physicist you better go to Göttingen, Oslo, Stockholm, La Laguna.

Om natuurkunde en sterrenkunde te studeren kun je niet meer terecht bij het zogenaamde Departement Natuur- en Sterrenkunde van de zogenaamde Universiteit Utrecht maar moet je naar Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, of Nijmegen.  Voor specialisatie in zonnefysica kun je het best naar Göttingen, Oslo, Stockholm, La Laguna.

Verantwoording:  ik jatte "webstek" niet van onnavolgbare Interim Dichter des Vaderlands Simon Vinkenoog (1928-2009) maar van onnavolgbare collega-sterrenkundige Vincent Icke.

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