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Invitation:  you are welcome to use figures from my work in your own publications and presentations.
Inhibition:  you are welcome to download my publications for personal use, but further distribution may violate copyrights.

My newest leading-author publication identifies H-alpha fibrils as post-spicule II contrails.
My most-read "publication" (and claim to fame) is this self-posted expedition report.
My most-used "publication" (and claim to teach) is this self-posted radiative transfer course.
My most-cited astronomy publication is non-solar but nighttime and the most boring, whereas the best (I think) got only few citations:  this one about a funny little line formed deeper than its continuum background, and this one about a funny little line that actually is the only non-funny line in the entire photospheric spectrum.  I wrote their texts - something wrong with my style?