Recipes for latex and bibtex

LaTeX is a programming language to typeset documents using TeX and is widely used in the physical sciences.  Most publishers of journals in astronomy, physics, and mathematics prefer or require authors to use this language.  It offers extensive facilities to automate most aspects of typesetting, including numbering and cross-referencing of sections, tables, figures, pages, contents, indices, and bibliographies.  For the latter, BibTeX automates the citation and reference production.  In astronomy, coupling of LaTeX and BibTeX with the huge ADS literature database is particularly efficient.

The first subsection below contains a succinct manual for writing a report or article with LaTeX and BibTeX, with an example and a template. More recipes for combining LaTex, BibTeX and ADS are given under Recipes for bibtex with ADS.


Rob Rutten 2018-07-18