Who, what, where?

Prof. Dr. Robert J. Rutten

      Senior solar physicist at Lingezicht Astrophysics in Deil, The Netherlands
      Emeritus solar physicist at Utrecht University and Oslo University

Research:      structure, dynamics, radiation of the solar atmosphere  (publications;    DOT  imagesmovies)
Teaching:      solar spectrum formation  (lectures      course notes      Nederlands)
Record:         CV         publications         teaching         exploits
Affiliations:   Sterrekundig Instituut Utrecht   -   from 1963 until its demise
                      Institutt for Teoretisk Astrofysikk Oslo   -   since 2002
Spouse:         Riet Rutten
Where:          travel plans         Directions to Lingezicht:   html    pdf
Mail:             't Oosteneind 9, 4158 CA Deil, The Netherlands
Email:           <R.J.Rutten apestaart-symbol uu.nl>     or when that fails:   <robenrietjerutten apestaart-symbol gmail.com>
Phone:           (+31/0) 345-652101