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Philips BX200U Mini Radio

Painted version of the popular turn of the century radio.

Data for Philips BX200U
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1950.
Price was 145 guilders.
BandsLW MW SW.
TubesUCH42 UF41 UBC41 UL41 UY41.
CabinetBakelite, painted white. Size 27x17x13 cm. Weight 2.6 kg.
PowerACDC 110/220V.

The Design

The quite standard ACDC design, used most of the time because of cost reasons. See also my other Philips BX200U.

This little bakelite radio was cheap, and quite popular around 1950. They are still found a lot, I would almost say that it is one of the most common bakelite radios found on flea markets. The radio was sold in various different colors: unpainted, but also spraypainted in various colors.

Here is a picture from a Philips advertisement flyer of 1950, showing the radio in gray.The price quoted in the flyer is 160 guilders. The flyers advocates the very good sound quality of the set. Indeed, the sound can be considered quite good compared to many other radios of that era and that size.

Obtained8/1999 from Piet Hoen.
DisposedSold 9/2000.

This Object

Radio arrived in my house as a wreck, needed some work but is now quite presentable. This set was originally unpainted, but because the cabinet was broken and I had to glue it, I decided to paint it. The reason is that the paint hides some of the damage done to the cabinet. In its current state the radio can't be called a beauty, but electrically it is in good condition: it plays with good sound and satisfactory sensibility.

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