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Philips B4X61A Table top

Budget quality set

Data for Philips B4X61A
ProductionThe Netherlands, 1956.
BandsLW MW SW (23-52m) FM (87.5-100 MHz).
TubesECC85 ECH81 EF89 EF85 EABC80 EL84 EL86 EZ80 EM80.
CabinetBakelite. Size 517x346x223 mm.

The Design

The cabinet looked a bit cheap at the time (wood was more expensive and appreciated than bakelite), but this set has the superb series-balanced output stage. The EL86 and EL84 together form a balanced output stage, but of the series type. The speakers are connected without an output transformer.

Obtained8/1997 from Anneke Jansen.
DisposedSold 9/1998.

This Object

The radio was sold to Asia. Some countries there have pretty high limits on the size of postal packets.

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