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Starting mid 2019, I hold an appointment as full professor in Visual Data Analytics at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University. Prior to this, I worked as full professor of Multiscale Visual Analytics in the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics (SVCG) group at the Bernoulli Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen.


My research interests cover:

  • information visualization and visual analytics (techniques, system design)
  • big data multiscale visualization (large hierarchies and graphs)
  • visualization for AI (dimensionality reduction, explaining machine learning)
  • shape/image processing (skeletonization, segmentation, fairing, reconstruction)
  • interactive systems design (interaction and animation for data exploration)
  • scientific visualization (GPU-based acceleration techniques, PDE-based visualization)
  • program analysis (reverse engineering, software evolution, fact extraction and querying)
  • Publications
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The Book: Data Visualization - Principles and Practice (2nd edition, 2014, 610 pages)

The second edition of my book (first edition 2008) provides a practical introduction to data visualization. It addresses (under)graduate students and professionals interested in designing and implementing visualization applications to explore and understand data in a range of fields, including computational flow dynamics, engineering sciences, medical imaging, geometric modeling, and software engineering. Topics covered: scalar, vector, tensor, image, volume, and information visualization.

New in the 2nd edition: detailed C/C++ code samples, exam questions, projects, datasets, and ParaView scenarios.

Second edition published by CRC Press in 2014. Chinese edition published in 2018. Over 5000 copies sold (2018).


Here are the main courses I deliver or have delivered. Links to courses here.

  • Visual analytics for big data (MSc/industry-professional levels)
  • Scientific visualization (MSc level)
  • Multimedia retrieval (MSc level)
  • Software maintenance and evolution (MSc level)
  • Computer graphics (BSc/MSc levels)
  • Software quality assurance and testing (BSc level)

PhD Students

Below is a list of the PhD students having me as thesis director. More information and links to theses here.

  • Lucian Voinea (2007, software visualization)
  • Dennie Reniers (2009, 3D shape processing)
  • George Byelas (2009, software visualization)
  • Mariam Sensalire (2009, software comprehension)
  • Ozan Ersoy (2013, network visualization)
  • Bertjan Broeksema (2014, big data analytics)
  • Jacek Kustra (2015, 3D shape processing)
  • Andre Sobiecki (2016, 3D shape processing)
  • Rafael M. Martins (2016, multivariate analytics)
  • Danilo B. Coimbra (2016, multivariate analytics)
  • Renato R. da Silva (2016, multivariate analytics)
  • Paulo E. Rauber (2017, visual machine learning)
  • Cong Feng (2017, 3D shape procesing)
  • Matthew van der Zwan (2018, 3D trail analytics)
  • Eduardo Vernier (multivariate analytics)
  • Lucas Pagliosa (time-series visual analytics)
  • Mateus Espadoto (deep learning for visual analytics)
  • Caio Rodrigues (visualizing classifier decision maps)
  • Samuel Martins (visual analytics for deep learning in brain research)
  • Jieying Wang (multiscale skeletons for image/field analysis)
  • Xiaorui Zhai (interactive visual analytics of high-dimensional data)
  • Xingyu Chen (visual analytics for shape analysis and retrieval)
  • Youngjoo Kim (big-data dimensionality reduction)
  • Gerben Hettinga (image vectorization)
  • Zonglin Tian (effective multidimensional projections)

MSc Students

I have supervised 80+ MSc theses as main director. Selected works are shown here.

PhD Research

My PhD research (2000) was on the design and implementation of VISSION, an application building environment for VIsualization and SImulation with Object-oriented Networks. VISSION offers object-oriented tools for scientific visualization and real-time interaction with running simulations, is easily extendable with user modules, and creates visual programming and GUIs automatically from object-oriented code. This work proved (relevant at the time) that all one can achieve in Java can also be done in C++, and better.

Research valorization

My work led to a successful (>2M EUR turnover) start-up company (SolidSource BV) specialized in tools and services for the visual analysis of big data for industry-scale software maintenance.