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    Still involved in the development of inservice materials for teachers and student teachers.

    Recently (2016) working as a mathematics teacher trainer at InHolland University of Applied Sciences in Alkmaar.

    In the first half year of 2016 at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Almere.

    Retired as researcher at Curious Minds, a project in which we were looking for talents on math and science of young children in the age 3-5 (see www.talentenkracht.nl)

    I was working in a project called BETEP (Basic Education for Teacher Education Project) in Yemen (2012 - 2016), but due to the civil war the project is on hold.

    I also made a reader called Orientation on Mathematics for Training and Management for the Dairy and Food Polytechnic in Saudi Arabia, a project of Cinop Global (2010 - 2015).

    Also developer of the website www.rekenbeter.nl , a site for everyone who loves math.

    In the past I worked for two years at City College in New York at the inservice of primary school teachers, the Math in the City Project.

    Also I worked at an inservice program for primary school teachers in Cebu at the Philippines and in Bariloche, Argentina.

Main fields of interest

  • Research for talents of young children (3-5)

  • Curriculum development for primary education and primary teacher education

  • Inservice teacher education

CV, publications and presentations

Short cv

List of publications


Mathematics in the City: Past, Present and Future

Workshop Rational numbers

Workshop Photographic images as Artifacts for mathematical inquiry


Recent lectures

PTA meeting, OBS De Kern Ede, 4 october 2016, Vroeger en nu

Interactive lecture, Hogeschool Saxion Deventer, 8 april 2015, Rekenen een raadsel

Guest lecture, Hogeschool Haarlem, 23 april 2015, Chinezen, stukken touw en een cabriolet








Willem Uittenbogaard

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