Amir Vaxman is a tenured faculty member (UD) at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Before his position in UU, he was a postdoctoral fellow in TU Wien (Vienna) at the Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry group, where he also received the Lise-Meitner fellowship. He earned his BSc in computer engineering, and his PhD in Computer science from the Technion-IIT. His research interests are geometry processing and discrete differential geometry, focusing on directional-field design, unconventional meshes, constrained shape spaces, architectural geometry, and medical applications.

Photo by Natalie Schor


25/Mar/2019We have one paper conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH 2019.
18/Dec/2018We have one paper conditionally accepted to Eurographics 2019.
28/Nov/2018A recording of my lecture in the ThinkShell Geometry Lessons can be found here
31/Oct/2018Version 1.5 of Directional is released! Formerly known as "libdirectional". It is a library for directional-field processing. Prominent changes include seamless parameterization, simple visualization features, and much more encapsulation.
15/Oct/2018I will serve in the SIGGRAPH 2019 Technical Papers Committee.
27/Aug/2018I have one paper conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2018.
29/Apr/2018I have released version 1.0 of libdirectional, with tutorial included.
18/Apr/2018The Eurographics association nominated me to a Junior Fellow starting from 2018.
13/Oct/2017I will become a tenured member of the department starting 1/Nov/2017.
12/Sep/2017I will serve as program co-chair for SGP 2018.


Justin Solomon and Amir Vaxman
Optimal Transport-Based Polar Interpolation of Directional Fields
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 38(4) 2019.
Mees van de Kerkhof, Tim de Jong, Raphael Parment, Maarten Löffler, Amir Vaxman, and Marc van Kreveld
Design and Automated Generation of Japanese Picture Puzzles
Computer Graphics Form (Proc. Eurographics), 2019.
Bram Custers and Amir Vaxman
Subdivision Directional Fields
ArXiV (Conditionally accepted to ACM Transactions on Graphics with major revisions)
[Preprint] [Code]
Amir Vaxman, Christian Müller, and Ofir Weber
Canonical Möbius Subdivision
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH ASIA), 37(6), 2018.
[Paper] [Video][Code]
Nico Pietroni, Marco Tarini, Amir Vaxman, Daniele Panozzo, and Paolo Cignoni
Position-Based Tensegrity Design
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia), 36(6), 2017.
[Paper] [Video][Code]
Amir Vaxman, Christian Müller, and Ofir Weber
Regular Meshes from Polygonal Patterns
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 36(4), 2017.
[Paper] [Video][Code]
Justin Solomon, Amir Vaxman, and David Bommes
Boundary Element Octahedral Fields in Volumes
ACM Transactions on Graphics (presented at SIGGRAPH 2017), 36(3), 2017.
Amir Vaxman, Marcel Campen, Olga Diamanti, Daniele Panozzo, David Bommes, Klaus Hildebrandt, and Mirela Ben-Chen
Directional Field Synthesis, Design, and Processing
SIGGRAPH 2017 courses
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 courses
State-of-the-art Report (STAR), Eurographics 2016
[STAR Version] [Webpage for course] [SGP 2017 Summer School version]
Caigui Jiang*, Chengcheng Tang*, Amir Vaxman, Peter Wonka, and Helmut Pottmann
Polyhedral Patterns
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH ASIA), 34(6), 2015.
[Paper] [Auxiliary material][Video]
* Joint first authors.
Joint last authors.
Amir Vaxman, Christian Müller, and Ofir Weber
Conformal Mesh Deformations with Möbius Transformations
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 34(4), 2015.
[Paper] [Video][Code]
Olga Diamanti, Amir Vaxman, Daniele Panozzo, and Olga Sorkine-Hornung
Integrable PolyVector Fields
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 34(4), 2015.
[Project Page]
Orestis Vardoulis, Pierre Monney, Davide Piccini, Amit Bermano, Amir Vaxman, Craig Gotsman, Janine Schwitter, Matthias Stuber, Nikolaos Stergiopulos, and Juerg Schwitter
Single breath-hold 3D measurement of left atrial volume using compressed sensing CMR and a non-model-based reconstruction approach
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 17(1), 2015.
Helmut Pottmann, Michael Eigensatz, Amir Vaxman, and Johannes Wallner
Architectural Geometry
Computers and Graphics 47, 2015.
Amir Vaxman and Mirela Ben-Chen
Dupin Meshing: A Parameterization Approach to Planar Hex-Dominant Meshing
Technical Report CS-2015-01
Olga Diamanti, Amir Vaxman, Daniele Panozzo, and Olga Sorkine-Hornung
Designing N-PolyVector Fields with Complex Polynomials
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. SGP) 33(5), 2014.
Best Paper award
[Project Page]
Amir Vaxman
A Projective Framework for Polyhedral Mesh Modelling
Computer Graphics Forum 33(8), 2014 (presented at SGP 2015).
Amir Vaxman
Modeling Polyhedral Meshes with Affine Maps
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. SGP) 31(5), 2012
Best Paper award (2nd place)
[Paper][Note - Alternative Implementation] [Video] [Code in libhedra]
Amit Bermano, Amir Vaxman, and Craig Gotsman
Online Reconstruction of 3D Objects from Arbitrary Cross-Sections
ACM Transactions on Graphics 30(5), 2011 (presented at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011).
[Paper] [Video]
Amir Vaxman, Mirela Ben-Chen and Craig Gotsman
A Multi-Resolution approach to Heat Kernels on Discrete Surfaces
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 29(4), 2010.
Gill Barequet and Amir Vaxman
Reconstruction of Multi-Label Domains from Partial Planar Cross-Sections
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. SGP) 28(5), 2009.
Gill Barequet, David Eppstein, Michael T. Goodrich and Amir Vaxman
Straight Skeletons of Three-Dimensional Polyhedra
Lecture Notes In Computer Science (Proc. ESA), Vol. 5193, 2008.
Gill Barequet and Amir Vaxman
Nonlinear Interpolation Between Slices
International Journal of Shape Modeling (preliminary version appeared in Proceedings of SPM, Beijing, 2006), 14(1), 2008.


Current Students

  • Alexander Lewis, Ph.D. candidate (cosupervised by Willem-Jan van de Berg).
  • Ioannis Nemparis, Ph.D. candidate (cosupervised by Frank van der Stappen).
  • Jack van der Drift, M.Sc. GMT.
  • Constantinos Kyprianou, M.Sc. GMT.
  • Adrian Aguilar, M.Sc. GMT.
  • Coen Bolander, M.Sc. GMT.
  • Rick Sen, M.Sc. GMT (as an internship at IHC MTI).
  • Matei Banghi, M.Sc. GMT.

Graduated Students

  • Robbin Marcus, M.Sc. GMT. (graduated 31/Mar/2017) [Project Page]
  • Thomas Breekveldt, M.Sc. GMT. (graduated 21/Apr/2017) [Project Page]
  • Tom Percheul, M.Sc. GMT. (graduated 16/Jun/2017)
  • Marco A. S. Sanson, M.Sc. GMT. (graduated 31/Oct/2017) [Project Page]
  • Bram Custers, M.Sc. GMT. (graduated 10/Sep/2018) [Project Page]
  • Linus van Elswijk, M.Sc. GMT (graduated 23/Nov/2018).
  • Sander Vanheste, M.Sc. GMT (graduated 17/Apr/2019) [Project Page]



  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (Supervised by Gill Barequet), Technion-IIT, 2011.
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science (Supervised by Gill Barequet), Technion-IIT, 2006.
  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Technion-IIT, 2002.


SIGGRAPH 2019Technical Papers Committee member
Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) 2018Program co-chair (with Tao Ju)
Eurographics 2018Short Papers Track co-chair (with Olga Diamanti)
The Visual ComputerAssociate editor
SIGGRAPH Asia 2016Workshops Committee member
Shape Modeling International (SMI) 2016, 2017Technical Papers Program Committee member
Eurographics 2015Full Papers International Program Committee member
Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) 2013, 2015–2019 International Programme Committee Member
Geometric Modeling and Processing (GMP) 2014–2019 Technical Program Committee member
Pacific Graphics (PG) 2017–2019 International Program Committee member
Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) 2018 Papers Committee member
CAD/GRAPHICS 2017 International Program Committee member
Computer Graphics International (CGI) 2018–2019 Program Committee member
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC) 2018 Program Committee member
International Conference on Computational Visual Media (CVM) 2019 Program Committee member



Directional: directional Field Synthesis, Design, and Processing.
libhedra: processing and optimization of polygonal unconventional meshes.