WISM100: History from Ellipse to Elliptic Curve 2016/17

This page supplements the information in Blackboard and will be updated with suggested reading, course notes, etc.

Important: change in hand in schedule

There will be 2 papers instead of 3, with the following deadlines: Anything handed in after the deadline will suffer a grade deduction of 1 point per working day.

First lecture

First part

Second part

Elliptic integrals: intro and addition forumlas NOTE: this is a jpeg image, open in an image viewer and zoom to your preferred level.

Suggested reading for this part:

Second Lecture

From elliptic integrals to elliptic functions: Gauss and Abel NOTE: this is a jpeg image again.

Suggested reading:

Third lecture

Slides (pdf) with suggested reading at the end. There is also a worksheet about Riemann surfaces. Note: we made the decision that not all topics of the lectures need to be covered in your paper.
Steven Wepster